Reginald and Jonathan Carr

Reginald Dexter Carr, Jr., Jonathan Carr

The Kansas Supreme Court overturned the death sentences of two brothers convicted of capital murder in a crime spree in Wichita in 2000 including robbery, rape, forced sex and four fatal shootings in a snow-covered soccer field.

The court also struck down three of the four capital murder convictions each against Jonathan and Reginald Carr. It upheld one capital murder conviction for each of…

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Liam “Natalia” Verne wants to kill you.

Originally posted on whoiscis:

Liam “Natalia” Verne, a male who identifies as a trans woman, has some history in attempting to censor people he disagrees with, as he was responsible for a starting a petition to silence females and lesbians by shutting down @GIDWatch :

Yesterday Natalia decided to…

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Timothy Danielson

Timothy Danielson shot and killed his ex wife because she had begun a relationship with another man.

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Greg Smith (22/02/1988), of Sale, has been charged with five counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and a section 39 assault, on two victims.

Further charges have also been brought against him, which are five counts of the possession of indecent images and twelve counts of the possession of pornographic images.

He is due to appear at Trafford Magistrates’ Court…

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Paul Gambaccini

Paul Gambaccini was arrested in November 2013 as part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree enquiry. He was charged with historic sex offences and is currently out on bail.

  1. Camera: Fujifilm Fujifilm A170 A180
  2. Aperture: f/2.9
  3. Exposure: 1/45th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm

Timothy Troy Walker

Timothy Walker shot his girlfriend in the back to her injury and murdered a police officer.

Michael Richard Martinez

Michael Martinez stabbed his girlfriend 14 times in the chest, torso and back early Thursday before calling 911 with a plea for help, authorities said.

Newton D. Holt @NewtonDHolt

Newton Holt is an men’s rights activist who harasses women on social media for objecting to rape jokes

10464194_487892038008699_4264022922476859826_nBrittany Collings is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He harasses lesbians on social media for knowing he is male. Collings was apparently unaware that the URL of the Tom Morrow account he used to harass a woman about her rape included his fake lady name.  Collings appears to be affiliated with Darlie Brewster, another MRA trans person who harasses Women online.

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