Raja Hussein

Raja Hussein sexually assaulted an 18 year old woman on a train between Rotherham and Sheffield after looking at pornographic images on his mobile phone.

Karlton Burton and Javauntee Campbell

Karlton Burton (15) and Javauntee Campbell (17) murdered a market stall holder by pushing him to the ground and stabbing him.

Johanna Wolf : “as I see it, I was the one who was raped”

Cathy Brennan:

He is on Twitter at @JohannaCanHas

Originally posted on Privilege Denying Tranny:



Johanna Wolf aka Jonathan Wolf aka Johanna Von Luck explains, how it wasn’t the fact that he raped someone, he was falsely accused! Blue for the most important bits of conversation.

[8:19pm] JohannaVonLuck: because it happened to me
[8:19pm] agnosticnixie: anecdata doesn’t count

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Randy Graham

Randy Graham was arrested for the rape of a 21 year old woman. Ohio woman kicked off city bus for broken sandal minutes before rape_ police  - NY Daily News


A Palo Cedro man said he dropped off severed dog paws on his ex’s porch after he cooked her a meat dinner — all part of a twisted prank to make her believe she ate her beloved pooch.

But Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh’s former partner isn’t so sure it was a gag: The victim told police she believes her crazy ex kidnapped, killed, cooked and served up her Pomeranian, Bear.

California man tells ex he cooked…

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Timothy Ray Jones

Timothy Jones is accused of murdering his five children aged between 1 year old and 8 years old.

Guy Turcotte

Guy Turcotte is accused of stabbing his two young children to death. Guy Turcotte granted conditional release pending murder trial - Montreal - CBC News

Anthony Novellino

Anthony Novellino was sentenced to 50 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering his ex wife.

Jamie Morrison

Jamie Morrison stabbed a police officer and threatened to kill him. Man who stabbed Dundee police officer and threatened to kill him given community service - Dundee _ Local _ News _ The Evening Telegraph

James Grant

James Grant was accused of raping a woman in 2013. He was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and ordered to serve eighteen months in prison.